Food Processing Automatic Food Packaging: Product solutions

We are able to process different shapes of food products (rectangular, round, half-round and triangular shapes cheese and meat)

Our offer is  tailored basing on the user’s requests and his production requirements.

Our automatic machinery use the following technology :

  • Axis engines driven by brushless motors
  • Electrically welded frame stainless steel AISI304
  • Electrical panel board in stainless steel AISI 304, placed on the upper part of the machine for easy cleaning
  • Control unit with Industrial PC with TFT 10 “VGA color touch screen, designed for remote assistance
  • 10 or more different customized programs

Full choice of optional  available:  cutting devices, fixed or variable weight systems, loading systems with advanced pick and place systems, format change devices etc.

Ferrari Sistemi guarantees  custom-made solutions, high productivity, time optimization in industrial operation.

We specialized in developing food processing systems for  meat and cheese with the following solutions:

TR 40

Automatic machine for cutting of 1kg slices hard chees  into smaller sizes.

tr40_242x155-ferrari-sistemi-fidenza-macchine-taglio-automatiche-per-manipolare-e-imbustare-prodotti-alimentari-packaging-alimentare FOOD PROCESSING automatic food packaging


TR 130

Automatic cutting machine of big wheel hard cheese into slices of different sizes.

FOOD PROCESSING automatic food packaging